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I'll never forget the day we met
Upstairs at home on the internet

I never thought something would start from this way
But the love of my life is what I found that day

I used to believe that a loving girl could be
always for others and never with me

Youíve shown I was always wrong about that
Since love has sprung from an internet chat

Some people say, love from the internet isn't true
But I know that I was meant for you

And some people ask, how do I know
And the answer is, because my heart told me so

How do you know that you're in love?
Morganís my blessing from above

I found you on the internet
And starting the relationship is no regret

Some people may disapprove of our distance baby
But that's okay because no matter what others may say
Iíll always love you each and every day.

By Matthew Wilson and dedicated to my precious girlfriend Morgan Fann on 14th February Valentines day 2007

I love you Morgan Fann
Forever and Always

Where's a good, big, cardboard box when you need one?

The Mimi Pond

This website began on the 2nd of April 2003!

Thanks for coming, I now must assume you could be someone at Liverpool Uni!

The original Guestbook was over run and taken over by naughty women showing their parts. BUT NOW THE GUESTBOOK IS BACK AND EMPTY!

What the cartoons are...

Almost all of the following cartoons represent someone. Unless you are a friend of mine you won't know them. That's no reason to leave this site! I like to humourise their character and represent them in a simple duck-like cartoon.

Rush-mimi occurs frequently within this site. Most of you will know why as he's the most vulnerable target (due to Skateboarding, Smee and Spiderman or as I say the 3 Ss).

written some time in 2003. Should be changed

I've made a poll so please help me get an idea of who visits :) About can also leave messages


EEEVIL! My good friend Rachael Apps, who is very nice and not evil at all

Mr Mad Dog
Mr Mad Dog. My cool bike that handles like a second world war German tank



The Horse with Two Shadows

Still a hostage at school...
*The Horse with Two Shadows*

Animal cruelty. Its not even finished yet


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